Fireplace Sets

We have included here our most popular fireplace tool sets containing a combination of stands and tools. All fireplace sets are available in two sizes, except the two “deluxe” sets, the Classic and the Formee, which are ¬†only made in the large size. The small fireplace tool set size has 21″ tools, the large has 25″ tools. The heights of the fireplace stands are given in the descriptions above the image of that product.

Fireplace Tool Handle Style Options

Fireplace tool sets come in 3 different design styles. Click the above tool design image to enlarge.

All our fireplace tool sets (with the exception of the Classic and Formee sets) are available with a black round brush or a hand-crafted Shaker style corn broom. Both are the same price, and both are made from plant fibre so they will not melt like commercial nylon ones will. Both are guaranteed for the life of the fireplace set (almost forever!) if they become worn out.



Fireplace sets are shipped with a black brush unless specified otherwise. At the end of the checkout process there is a box for comments. This is where you would specify that you wanted a corn broom.

Fireplace Tool Stands come in four different styles. Click each fireplace tool set photo to enlarge view. 


Click this link to purchase individual fireplace tools.

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